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When it comes to mobile HTML5 performance, Apple’s iOS platform far surpasses the Android, according to a recent study from Spaceport. Read original content

The TeamLab Document Editor, which is the first online HTML5 word processor, makes use of all the HTML5 features, according to developer Ascensio System SIA. Read original content

Adobe has introduced Shadow, a new tool for the inspection and preview of customized websites for mobile devices. The HTML5 friendly tool allows developers to “remotely control and inspect Web pages in multiple phones and tablets simultaneously.” Read original content

According to a new study from IT staffing firm Bluewolf, demand and salaries are on the rise (up 200 percent) for developers with knowledge of HTML5, iPhone, iPad, and Android applications. Read original content

Tether has introduced a new HTML5 web app which allows users to wirelessly connect their iPhone or iPad to a laptop to enable 3G Internet access. The HTML5 Tether for iPhone, as a web app, will bypass Apple’s app store. The iTether originally launched in November of 2011, but was pulled from the app store by Apple shortly after its introduction. Read original content

appMobi has announced the launch of jqMobi 1.0, an open source HTML5 mobile framework. Read original content has expanded its cross-platform development framework with the new Forge framework. The new framework allows developers to “create and deploy web apps in addition to native mobile apps - all from a single HTML5 codebase."  Read original content

Netbiscuits has launched a new HTML5 framework. The Tactile framework utilizes web standards and the Netbiscuits SaaS cloud-based platform.  Read original content

Nokia Maps is now available for iOS and Android as an HTML5 web app. Read original content

The new AnyPresence cloud-based mobile development platform for building HTML5, iOS and Android apps is in beta testing. The platform was developed by former SAP and Oracle executives and is expected to launch in April, 2012. Read original content

Gizmox announced the availability of a preview version of its new Visual WebGui Enterprise Mobile platform. The platform will enable .net developers to build “secure, efficient data-centric enterprise HTML5 applications for cross platform mobile devices including iOS, Android and every W3C browser using their existing development skills."  Read original content


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Full Disclosure: I am an independent mobility analyst, consultant and blogger. I work with and have worked with many of the companies mentioned in my articles.

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