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SAN FRANCISCO, CA -- (Marketwire) -- 06/28/12 -- GOOGLE I/O -- Dolphin Browser, the most popular third-party browser on Android and iOS and only Gesture and Voice enabled browser, today announced the launch of Dolphin Garage, which opens the Dolphin Browser API to allow for third-party development. Dolphin also announced four new Add-ons from Dropbox, Pocket, Evernote and Wikipedia that show off Dolphin Garage's powerful capabilities. In addition, Dolphin Garage also supports Web apps based on Adobe's PhoneGap, which enable faster HTML5 Web app deployment. Dolphin Garage gives developers access to more than 150 Dolphin internal APIs including various browser user interface interactions, while also providing a runtime sandbox environment to allow developers to create their own experiences within Dolphin Browser. Powered by Dolphin Garage, users can now seamlessly exp... (more)

Mobility News Weekly – Week of September 1, 2013

The Mobility News Weekly is an online newsletter made up of the most interesting news and articles related to enterprise mobility that I run across each week.  I am specifically targeting information that reflects market data and trends. Also read Enterprise Mobility Asia News Weekly Also read Field Mobility News Weekly Also read Mobile Commerce News Weekly Also read Mobile Health News Weekly Microsoft announced late Monday night that it will buy Nokia's mobile phone business. The $7.2 billion acquisition gives Microsoft control of the second-largest mobile phone manufacturer in the world, according to IDC. Read Original Content Just hours after Microsoft stole the spotlight with the news it would acquire Nokia's phone making business, Apple took the limelight for itself. The next Apple smartphone, dubbed the iPhone 5S, is expected to be announced at an event at the com... (more)

Kevin Benedict's What's New in HTML5 - Week of October 28, 2012

Quantas Freight has launched its new HTML5-based mobile app and mobile site for smartphones.  Read Original Content Phineas Barnes, in the article “HTML5 Is the Real Loser In The iPhone Maps Fiasco” in Business Insider, believes that the native app experience is much better than web apps and HTML5 comes out the loser.  Read Original Content QNX Software Systems has announced the HTML SDK, an extension of the open source BlackBerry WebWorks framework, specially optimized for automotive environments.  Read Original Content Apple has purchased Particle, an HTML5 web and web app design firm that has done HTML5 work for Google, Motorola, Amazon, Yahoo, Sony, and Apple.  Read Original Content Christian Heilmann of Mozilla believes developers shouldn’t abandon HTML5 - even with bumps along the road, as the benefits of HTML5 will ultimately prove worthwhile.  Read Original Co... (more)

Constructing Services with SOA & Open Source Java

The Jedi mind trick is a Force power that can influence the actions of weak-minded sentient beings. Vendors will often try to apply the Jedi mind trick in selling silver-bullet software solutions that solve global warming and stop celebrity feuding while enabling service-based architecture development. Let's quickly put on our aluminum foil caps and repel the Jedi mind trick by turning to open source solutions. Service-based architectures are being touted as the next step in reaching programming nirvana. With these marching orders it's often difficult to build a framework that allows for simple service creation. This framework should also be flexible, scalable, and lightweight as well as easy in exposing services externally. Without the correct framework(s) and guardrails in place your application services can quickly become a jumbled mess. Circular dependencies, ma... (more)

Microsoft, Amazon, Google, VMware - Cloud Computing Is an Arena for Big Players

Joannès Vermorel's Blog Considering that the price tag for state-of-the art data centers is now reaching $500M, cloud computing is an arena for big players. I don’t expect small players to stay competitive for long in this game. Cloud frameworks are very diverse, and switching from one cloud to another is going to involve massive changes at best and complete rewrite at worst. My own personal definition of cloud computing is a hosting provider that delivers automated and near real time arbitrary large allocation of computing resources such as CPU, memory, storage and bandwidth. For companies such as Lokad, I believe that cloud computing will shape many aspects of the software business in the next decade. Obviously, all cloud computing providers have limits on the amount of resources that one can get allocated, but I want to emphasize that, for the end-user, the cloud i... (more)

Judge Suspects Android’s Infringement Was Willful

Judge William Alsup, who's hearing the Oracle v Google suit over Android, has given the pair a terse one-paragraph order ahead of the Daubert hearing Google asked for next week to limit possible damages. "It appears," he said, that it's "possible that early on Google recognized that it would infringe patents protecting at least part of Java, entered into negotiations with Sun to obtain a license for use in Android, then abandoned the negotiations as too expensive, and pushed home with Android without any license at all." He wants to know "How accurate is this scenario? Does Google acknowledge that Android infringes at least some of the claims if valid? If so, how should this affect the damages analysis? How should this affect the questions of willfulness and equitable relief? Counsel should be prepared to address these issues at the hearing" on July 21. IP analyst... (more)

SMEStorag Adds Support for 2 More Clouds to Its Hybrid Cloud Federation and Governance Platform

London, United Kingdom, February 02, 2012 --( SMEStorage has announced that it has added support for SugarSync, and the Ubuntu One Cloud into it's SaaS and Appliance hybrid Cloud File Server platform. The Cloud File Server now unifies data from over 35 different file stores and SaaS services. It enables these federated data services to be accessed and managed from a single "Cloud file system" and is an enabler for cross Cloud Governance whilst enabling consolidation and management of "Cloud Sprawl." Access to the newly added clouds is available not only to business Cloud File Server users but is also available to existing, users of the SMEStorage service, as well as those who sign up for the free service. Once a business adds Clouds into the Cloud DashBoard, IT can assign viewing privileges to folders and files across Clouds and control these using access contr... (more)

Quels fournisseurs pour les postes de travail de demain ? Des guerres sans merci en perspective ! Troisième partie

 Rappel : Première partie : situation actuelle, en 2012, du marché informatique pour les postes de travail Deuxième partie : les guerres sur les marchés des processeurs et des familles d’outils d’accès. J’utilise un modèle d’analyse à 5 niveaux. Dans cette troisième partie, j’analyse deux des plus fortes « guerres » à venir, sur le marché des Systèmes d’Exploitation et sur celui des navigateurs.   La guerre des Systèmes d’Exploitation (OS) J’avais terminé la deuxième partie sur un message clair : La variété des objets d’accès au Système d’Information, déjà très grande, ne peut que croître. Ordinateurs portables, smartphones, tablettes... tous ont besoin d’un OS pour fonctionner. Je vais concentrer mon analyse sur les acteurs et solutions que je considère comme les plus importantes pour les 3 à 5 prochaines années. Que ceux que je vais laisser de coté, comme Linux... (more)

TraceView Data API

I’m excited to announce a new feature to TraceView – the Data API! In a nutshell, the Data API exposes all of those high-level metrics you’re collecting in TraceView over REST, formatted as JSON. Now you can take that data, jam it into your own system and do whatever you need to make sure everybody in your organization sees what they need, when they need it. We’ve also wrapped our configuration API into the same place, so you can interact with all our services in one place. If you’re itching to get to it, head on over to the docs. If you’re still not convinced, read on! Let’s take a look at what you can do with this. Latency and Volume Before you do anything, you need to know how your app is doing right now, and that starts with two questions. How much traffic do I have, and how fast is it? The easy way to look at this is just to plot them: 1 2 $ export API_KEY=xxx # ... (more)

Sun Embraces Android

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Google Puts $10m Bounty on Android Development

Google, as promised, put the Android SDK out in early access - along with a $10 million pot for the best apps written for its open Android mobile platform by third-party developers. It said the platform would be open and it's going about proving it. It also needs the buzz - and a killer mobile app - for Android to hit a homerun. The first $5 million will be paid out in $25,000 prizes for the continued development of the 50 most promising entries submitted between January 2 and March 3 2008 to the Android Developer Challenge I. These 50 entries will then be winnowed down by the end of May to 20 finalists - 10 that get awards worth $275,000 each and another 10 that'll each get $100,000. There'll also be another contest - Android Developer Challenge II - that starts after the first so-called Google phones become available in the second half of next year. The judges wil... (more)